My name is [R.G]. You would have known me as a malnourished acne ridden young girl known as [R.K.] in Austin, TX working at the W. I will admit that I was not your biggest fan when we first met but ultimately you were kind to me. I will admit that I took advantage of this kindness. And for that I apologise. But at least six years later I want to thank you. You changed my life. I now live in Australia with a loving husband and my skin is flawless. Not that my skin is the most important thing but my health is and you taught me that. You taught me and told me to be more vain. I remember after my facial with you, you found me in the locker room at the W bawling my eyes out. I felt so ugly. And you basically told me that I needed to get my [sh*t] together and look after my health. It really hurt at the time, I was extremely underweight and my face showed that I was struggling with PCOS. I never cared before that. And you taught me to treat myself better. I have eat healthy, I put on about 20 pounds of muscle, lift weights, do yoga & I am RELIGIOUS about my skin regime. I can go out without any makeup & get compliments all the time. I think about you when my friends & coworkers ask me for skin advice. You literally changed my life & I am forever grateful. Bless you Susan, thank you so much. I give you so much credit & you deserve every bit of success that comes your way. Thank you for giving me the truth even if it hurt at the time, I am a better woman because of you. Take care & I wish you all the best xo


The best skin care out there ! The products make my skin look and feel amazing. I’m in my early 40’s and couldn’t be happier with Susan’s line. I get a lot of compliments on how my skin is so shiny and soft. Thank you Susan

Amy S.

Since I have very sensitive skin I was skeptical to try Susan Ciminelli products, but I’m so glad I did! The Cleansing Milk is soothing and my absolute favorite is the Red Marine Algae Cream. I’ve seen improvements after only a week of use, the texture of my skin is softer and smoother. Thank you Susan for these amazing products!

C. Rossi

My skin is already much improved. The whole experience was huge for me. Meeting you, reading your book, and feeling your pure warmth and strength impacted me in a way that I won't forget. It meant a lot to talk about positive body image - something that I have been struggling with and not addressing. Starting to see the light. Following your recipes and using your products has made my dark under-eye circles and acne fade, and not to mention, my spirit feels a-new! I hope to come back soon. You are so gifted. Your talents and story continue to actively inspire me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me, Susan!

Caity S.

Thank you, Susan! I love using your products. The aroma and tingling feel brings me back to my first ever experience at your spa back in the 80s. Your research has yielded these excellent products which I keep in a pretty dish by my sink and try to use every day and night. Never having any kind of "work" done, I’m 57 and I feel good about how I look. I was a social event photographer in NYC for about 25 years and frankly, witnessing so many women destroy their looks made me cringe. Thanks for your work and thanks for this nice personal e-mail.

Karen D.

I love the products and bought the Power C for my husband who has had skin issues his whole life. I also love the Marine Lotion – it has stopped the bug bites I’ve been getting from scarring my skin as they normally do. Thank you!

Dani M.

I love the Algae Deep Cleanse! I keep coming back to the Marine Lotion and Seawater spray. Over time, I noticed my skin is plumper, which translates to younger looking skin!

Evan H.

Susan, I quit using your products for about nine months and my skin has been awful!!! Back on the regime. My good friend recommended your products years ago and I WILL NEVER quit using them again!!!

Katherine M.

I love the Oil Control Formula – not nearly as many cystic breakouts this month. And the Power C Moisturizer – perfect for this climate in New Orleans. Where have you been all of my adult life!?! It is so light and hydrating, I love it! I am enjoying everything and I really like the travel sizes, because I am on the road a lot with my job. Your book was great, full of wonderful tips and tricks! As a woman, when your skin looks healthy and fresh, it does wonders for how you feel about everything in life – especially as we get older. I have always said it is so easy to be beautiful when you are young, but to be beautiful as you age is something remarkable! Sign me up for that! Of course, I do realize as do you, that true beauty comes from the inside out!

Betty R.

My skin feels nourished and I am very pleased with the improvement. I’ve read that it’s impossible to shrink pores, but I can honestly say they are less pronounced. I’m very motivated to see what happens with continued use! I’m so grateful to you (and Martha Stewart for having you on her show). Thank you, Susan!

Lisa M.

The sunscreen is a total winner. I'm vacationing in Scottsdale, AZ where it’s totally sunny and 85 - really testing the product. Love it! I don't have a touch of sunburn and believe me, I am outdoors... a lot.

Mary V.

Your trade show booth had so much positive energy, passion, and life. I bought the Seawater and Algae Deep Cleanse. I tried them right away and my skin feels and looks amazing! I have used up all my little samples as well. You have a wonderful skincare line and I love the philosophy behind it. Researching many lines on my end, it can be difficult to find one that coincides with both. You are truly meant to do what you are doing.

Blanca P.

I love the Power C.  The Power C makes my skin look pore-less and makes it look all the same skin tone! I have also just started using the Calming Cream and my 16 year old son asked me last night why my skin looked so good..."better than it ever has, Mom!" I am a new fan and may be one for life!

Elizabeth G.

I knew Susan Ciminelli last August when I stayed in NY for a month. I bought some products when I come back to Italy and my skin face has completely changed ! It's incredible everybody says to me "what have you done to your face ??" Everybody thinks something surgery .... No absolutely !!!! Only Susan Ciminelli's products !!!!! Every day !!!! Please why you don't come to Italy as you go to London ???!! Everybody has to try Susan Ciminelli services and products !!!


Paola R.

Hi Susan,

I received my order this morning, I was like a child at Christmas opening it up and of course the products went straight onto my face, as soon as opened them up I could smell the gorgeous smell. I met a friend for lunch and she actually said to me ' you look well, or have you changed your make up, your skin has a really lovely glow to it' I couldn't believe someone had noticed on the first application.

Thank you again for all your help.

Jo xx

I really missed seeing and talking to you this past month. You are such an inspiration to me and I love you and your products!

Carol G

I am happy to report that my eyelids have greatly improved...thanks to you! Have been following your advise and they are great. Thank you, thank you so much!! I really hope that we can meet sometime.

Karen W.

Hi Susan, I was gifted your fabulous Marine Lotion last year by a dear, generous
friend. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer and she had
previously shared the Marine Lotion with me while we were away on a girls
weekend. I fell in love with the smell and feel of the lotion. She
surprised me and sent me a bottle. I used it throughout my surgeries on my
face, neck and chest. It really helped to soothe me in so many ways while
going through that difficult time. I was very fortunate to have caught the
cancer early (I was very proactive with tests, mammograms, etc). I had a
bi-lateral mastectomy but did not require chemo, so very thankful for that.

I just love this product and cannot starting or ending my day without it.

Thank you!

-Janet P.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication - you are an inspiration!
-Beth I.

I will never forget how YOUR PRODUCTS CHANGED MY LIFE!
-Sabrina L.

Thank you Susan. We really appreciate your products. Nothing comes close!
-Mike A.
I read that you open a new Beauty Clinic and I want to wish you the best to you and all your team. All your products are incredible amazing with a pure beauty. I hope that you are touching many many hearts and changing many ladies beauty health and skin in LA. You changed my way of taking care of my face and I am still doing all the advice from your book. My cellulite has decreased thanks to your advice about stopping drinking regular milk and cheese. I love your new supplements and I am about to order a new bottle.
-Marisol C.

Hey Susan, my name is Rohit and I reside in India..... I read your fantastic book "THE CIMINELLI SOLUTION A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin" and I mean it's fantastic because it surpassed my expectations. I followed your plan for 7 days... and really I see the RESULTS......Thanks Susan.......and yes, u look beautiful on the coverpage!!

I, personally, am a HUGE fan of your Eye and Wrinkle Cream.  I have to test many, many products in my line of work, and that is absolutely my favorite product for the eye area.  I noticed the results almost instantly !


Hi Susan,

Hope you had a wonderful New Year's!
Wanted to send you a quick note and share with you what happened today.
I went with my sister to her health club and a woman came up to me and said she was admiring my skin. She said I had a glow, like what she reads about in the magazines.
This has never happened to me before. I wanted to thank you, because I know I owe it all to you. : )


Dear Susan,

I don't often use the word "miracle" next to "product" because it seems sort of shallow, but tonight that is the first thing that popped in my head after using your sea clay mask. "This is a miracle product."


Dear Susan...on a personal note I want to tell you how much I enjoy coming to the spa each week. My experience and time spent is always so positive and wonderful and such a comfort to me. Gregory has been my savior and takes care of me so well. Last weekend I tried (at your suggestion) Julia for reflexogy and feel that it was so good for me. Again this weekend I will come back and extend my time with Julia to an hour to get an extended experience. My waxing I am doing with Anna and she is very nice as well. Your spa is my escape and all of your staff has made me feel so welcome and at ease. And we must not forget the desk Felix is just a doll. Nothing is ever too much for him...you have created a true "wellness" center and I admire you for building such a wonderful team! warmest regards.


Hello Susan, I hope this finds you well. I've just passed along, again your name and website info to someone who asked what products I use on my skin. - I want to share this with you...I get asked about it twice a week! Thanks for being so amazing!!

April A, Manhattan, NY

It feels like I am at a spa when I'm using your products. The scents and the way the products feel is truly invigorating and rejuvenating. My skin feels so much softer and more hydrated -thank you! -TL

I bought your book awhile ago, but have not had the money to get your products. I finally saved up & am beyond happy about it! I have light skin, but also get tan if I go in the sun (I am 45 & I loved sun when I was younger, but not anymore!) I have a lot of redness in my skin (seems to run in the family) and also on my chest under my neck. I bought the algae deep cleanse, sensitive skin formula, seawater, marine lotion, and the sensitive anti-aging cream. My skin LOVES it! I am a very healthy eater, and take good care of my body, but this is health food for my skin! I have been using it for 1 week, and this morning I really noticed much of the redness on my chest area is GONE! I could never get anything to take it away. I used sunscreen, and even makeup to cover it if I was wearing a shirt that didn't cover there. Very pleased. Are there any other products that you would recommend for me? I realize how much money I have wasted on little things that did nothing for me over the years. I just told my Mom about it & she is going to get some, too. Thanks again, it is refreshing also to see someone who believes that what you put in your body affects your skin.
Los Angeles, CA.

Hi Susan, We had a nice celebration for Mom’s 75th yesterday ... she’s still looking good thanks to your great facial products! -M.J.

I felt like Sleeping Beauty this am. Very rested and feeling great as a result of the wonderful facial, massage and products. Thank you ever so much.- Debra Shriver, CCO Hearst Corp.

It feels like I am at a spa when I'm using your products. The scents and the way the products feel is truly invigorating and rejuvenating. My skin feels so much softer and more hydrated -thank you! By the way, my sweet wife thought my skin looked so good after the treatment. She said "your lines are almost gone!" She of course has no lines - just like you! -TL

I have been battling a low grade bug that has been sweeping our city, so, yesterday, after a draining week, I went to my cabinet and found the Algae Fine Powder...after 40 minutes (mind you, I am not a bath person) I emerged comforted, relaxed, ache-less and my overall physical state was soothed....there is nothing like your products. Ken

I am a new customer and have been using several of your products for a couple of weeks now - boy, what an amazing difference in my skin! I didn't know what clean, hydrated skin was until now. I have ordered your book and am anxious to receive it. Thank you for reading this and thank you for making a difference in my 65 year old skin. R.A.V., CA

"I absolutely love Susan's Bamboo Ginger Scrub. It takes away any of the flaws on the surface of my skin and it so gentle. It doesn't dry out my skin or wreak any havoc on my pores. I can go make-up free with it too... it's refreshing and confident! Plus, it makes my bathroom smell like fresh oranges and Bamboo! Thanks Susan!" - Stephanie NYC

"Thank you for your advise to cook Adzuki Bean soup. I did it and it's so good that I ate it not for one but for two persons, and it really helps me to get rid of my dark shadows and dark circles. My family love's it too. Thank YOU." -Marina

I had a wonderful experience here. It is a truly special, holistic place where the staff can help heal you inside out. Everybody here is so helpful and great! I will be back again! Love, J.R.

My favorite is the Susan Ciminelli Signature Facial with the plum peel and the foot massage at the same time! Heaven beyond!!!!! - Lisa Rinna.

I last visited you at BG a few years back. I noticed my testimonial is still featured on your website, and I have never topped my facial experience with you (especially the version with the seaweed wrap and reflexology happening at the same time). I live in Wrightsville Beach, NC now and look forward to reconnecting with you and your products. Your book is great too! - Amy, NC

I just absolutely LOVE your new cleansing product- the Bamboo Ginger Scrub- it does smell and feel so delicious! My skin seems ultra smooth just after one use of that product! Thank you, Genius Susan! I love all your products, Susan, so much! They improve my world right here- Spa at home with Ciminelli products! Love it! -LQB, CT

“I have been going to Susan Ciminelli Day Spa at Bergdorf for years… and always love the experience.  But, when I heard about Susan’s new location, I was curious what it would be like.  It is so different… It is so calm and peaceful without all the noise from the hair salon at Bergdorf’s. It truly is a great spa experience!  I’ll definitely be back!”-GN

“Hi Susan, I wanted to write you and tell you how much I enjoyed your new spa!  I am interested in getting a haircut too, in fact, I may come in for yoga, facial and haircut! I am psyched that you opened this location with so much more space!  Martha Stewart would be proud!!” -CR

“I went to Susan Ciminelli’s new spa and salon and it is beautiful! There is a waterfall at the front and so many treatment rooms… plus a women’s lounge with lockers and big showers.  It was so nice to have the same quality service as always with Susan, but in a more spacious setting.  Plus, there is a hair salon on the other side of the spa, and mani/pedi chairs!” - RB

“Susan has always had a great reputation at Bergdorf Goodman, but her new spa is even  better!  It really allows you to feel relaxed and away.” - CB

“I went for a facial today at Susan Ciminelli Day Spa & Salon and could not believe the transformation! The music is soothing and the rooms are a pretty green color.  The bathrooms are big and the locker room was so nice to have! Thanks Susan!”

“Susan, I really enjoyed your new spa and salon.  I have been coming to Bergdrof for years and I always make a stop in for a facial with you, but I am going to have to change my spot now… after experiencing your new location  I cannot go back to other! It is just so much more lovely! I will see you soon!” - TB

This is my favorite spa. When you enter, it is serene and you are greeted quickly with a smile. The specialist greeted me kindly and professionally. She led me into the treatment room and gave me privacy. The treatment was great and soothing. The specialist explained what she wanted to do and why. She asked what kind of products I used and suggested others, but didn't put my choices down. This treatment was relaxing and effective. My skin was glowing and didn't break out. Friends stopped me and remarked on how good I looked.

I have placed an order and look forward to its arrival. My esthetician sells [a different product]. It does not work for me at all....expensive lesson to learn!! My skin is much improved using your products. I thank you for formulating them!

I work in harsh, cold environments. The Calming Cream I bought from the Susan Ciminelli line for my face was so fantastic. I started to use it on my hands and the cracks healed within days and my face never felt so good. There has never been a product more powerful than this. I think I’ve tried them all. C.C.

I love your products! I have been a LONG time user of both face and body products - cleansing gel, algae deep cleanse, hydrating serum, sea spray, marine lotion, red marine algae cream, hydrating cream and special reserve cream for face, and toning bath and algae fine powder for body. I am a bit of a beauty junkie so for me to stay with a line as many years as I have with your products is saying quite a lot about the amazing results I get!! I also am a frequent client at the spa on the 9th floor. Your facials are the best...your hands are truly gifted. When I am not seeing you, Anna and Oksana take care of my skin...they are both wonderful too. Oh, and Gail and Linda take care of me from the neck down! PS...Thank you again for the eye cream! I was at the spa and you so kindly gave me a jar (it was my 50th birthday that day). I'm grateful for your products - I've both recommended them and have also given them as gifts, along with your book, to both my clients and friends. Thanks so much, April

Thank you again for the luxurious and renewing facial. Tomorrow will be my 1 week anniversary for my first facial! I am so thankful I waited all these years to meet you and have such a lovely experience. After leaving your Spa, I walked home through the park as light snow began falling. It was like a dream and my spirit was revived.

I hope you don't feel that you are being stalked but I just had to tell you another fan has come your way. Joanna has slept every night since receiving her Marine Lotion. The last two months of her first pregnancy was spent itching, even the bottom of her feet but that won't happen this time because of your wonderful product. She called me last night and was ordering your facial products. She could tell there was such a difference in Karen's and my own skin she just had to try it, so you have another convert! Now, she can hardly wait for her order to arrive. I want you to know I am loving your generous gifts and think of you all the time and your kindness. Hope all is well with you. Carol.

In our medical office we have access to doctors only, high potency skin care products, yet I find Susan Ciminelli's skin care line to be most effective and compatible with the health of my skin. I especially love the Restorative Red Marine Algae Cream. K.R.

I live in the Washington, DC, greater metro area, and just ordered some of your products from your spa at Bergdorf's. This morning I tried your Algae Deep Cleanser, Marine Lotion, and Super Hydrating Cream. I am still in disbelief about how quickly the products worked and how radiant my skin looks (I keep walking back to the mirror to look at myself). I am turning 60 on August 1st and hope to come to your spa at Bergdorf's for a special treat. Sincerely, N.B.

I enjoyed watching you on the Martha Stewart Show today. What amazing skin you have! I got on your site and found it amazing. I am going to order your book! My skin and stress levels are crazy! My daughter's wedding is coming up in April and I am hoping to use your book to help me look younger and relaxed! Thank you for sharing your information with all of us!

Thank you very much for your very wise, fun segment on Martha show. We enjoy your food & facial recipes so much. Keep up the good work! You rock, Susan! Many thanks.

My husband, who is a physician, and myself are so impressed about how my skin looks after using your products. I have always had nice skin and I've had to work at it. I am 66 years old and hardly have a wrinkle, but with your products my skin just glowed. I do not have your book but I would like it very much. I loved talking to you yesterday and today; it has been a pleasure. Thank you. -C.W.

I have tried every expensive product on the market both in America and in France. The only product that makes my skin feel dewy, soft and look radiant is Susan Ciminelli. Especially when I use it the way it it is supposed to be used with the essential oils, seawater, marine lotion followed by her creams. I only get compliments on my skin whenever I am using Susan Ciminelli.

I have suffered with acne all my teenage and early adult life. When I discovered "The Ciminelli Solution, a 7 day Plan for Radiant Skin" and started using the acne kit that I bought online, my skin cleared up and I am a new person. My deep scars are still there but my skin is radiant, it has a glow, and it is pimple free. Thank you Susan, you are a genius.

When I was pregnant I used the Restorative Red Marine Algae Cream on my breasts, abdomen and on my face.  I did not get one stretch mark on my body and my face looked radiant during the entire pregnancy. I wish I knew about this when I was pregnant with my first child

Hello Susan,

I wanted to thank you because my skin has seen a remarkable improvement and it is absolutely because of you. I have seen many people over the years and never seen such a difference. I am sure that you have heard this from others, but what you have is a gift ,and I thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Wishing you and your family a very merry christmas and a happy, healthy and properous New Year!

See you in 2009!



Dear Susan - Never again will I allow myself to run out of your products. Every day my skin gets dryer and dryer while substituting with other product lines that just do not compare. I have tried them all. Not any longer. Your products, Susan, are the only ones that continue to deliver what they claim to. The Red Marine Algae Cream is just what my skin needs in this time of high stress. It calms me down and melts into my skin and vanishes lines immediately. A true Miracle Cream... Thank you, Susan, for remaining passionate about what you do. Your clients benefit.

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience I had a week ago Thursday in your spa. You are extremely gifted at your "craft", and I can honestly share that it is the best experience I've had to date. My varied experiences in spa going include Agua at Delano, the Aspen Club (the facility itself has its advantages), Salon Tulio Aspen, Maharishi Ayurveda Medical Center in DC and Lancaster, MA (Pancha Karma is amazingly nurturing/cleansing) and the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon Capital Hill area....none of these compares to the depth of personalized treatment in your spa, with amazing products to use at home along with vital information on healing my body from the inside out. My skin feels and looks amazing still, and I know I have a ways to go before I reach my peak!

Please forgive my wordiness, but I am very grateful and intend to visit New York much more often for treatment and luxurious relaxation.

The reflexology from Anna was also great - she reads feet well! Was her session 30 minutes? It seemed like an hour...Thank you also for the crystal aspect, which I truly believe are most healing - I had no idea.

Peace and Love go with you!

A.B. - North Carolina

Thank you!

Hi Susan,

Once again, thank you for the facial...my skin looks and feels great. The cleansing gel, alternating with the algae cleanser is perfect! And of course I have fallen in love with the Marine Lotion! I also wanted to thank you on behalf of my girlfriends and myself for the great pre-wedding advice you gave me. When I told you I was about to be in a wedding and knew I was going to be drinking quite a bit, you reminded me to eat plenty of cucumbers before we started the revelry. Consequently I added many sliced cucumbers to snacks I laid out for the bridal party, as we got ready, and they all got eaten. The next morning at breakfast the entire wedding party was saying that they felt great, and the one 40something year old bridesmaid said she felt like she "looked" like she hadn't drank at all. I can only think that keeping ourselves hydrated was the key, and the only thing we did on that note was eating cucumbers! Thank you so much for the great advice, and saving us on the day after!

Take care,

Dear Susan,

Once again, you have changed my life. You gave J.J. and me pink quartz hearts- thank you for being who you are and possessing and allowing such a gift to come through. You are truly an angel.

Since I met you, my life spiraled into a positive mode – my physical and mental body improved.

Thank you, Susan, for confirming my beliefs.


Dear Susan,

I hope this email finds you happy and well.

You've been in my thoughts since my last facial, so I thought I'd drop a note.
I wanted to thank you for your follow up phone call last week.
It's nice to have a caring personal approach.

I Just wanted to let you know, not only is my skin healing,
I'm glowing from the inside out and the outside in!
You have an amazing touch.
I haven't had to wear any sort of cover makeup since the facial.

Thank you for liberating my skin!

I look forward to the next visit



Dear Susan,

I always believed there was a better way to care for skin, and a friend sent me your book and I feel like I found what I’ve been looking for!

I read your book, and then I read it again cover to cover. It’s amazing.

I’m on Day 5 for dry skin, and I wake up energized (without my alarm clock), my skin looks a bit spotty while I detox but the general tone is vastly improved, and it’s so wonderful! If someone had told me that I would put Macadamia nut oil on my skin and my skin wouldn't explode, I'd have thought they were crazy. But I’ve stuck to your instructions and it’s working beautifully.

Thank you again for sharing your information and making these great products.

I’ve bought the cleansing milk, algae deep cleanser, salt spray and vitamin C moisturizer, and I’m on your website looking for more…

Thank you, thank you, Susan Ciminelli, for being a real healer. Please don’t ever sell your company!

With thanks,
Rachel Plecas
Regional Editor
Asia Tatler

Dear Susan:

Your book has been a tremendous help in guiding me to a better and healthy lifestyle. Of course I still have this awful job, but what can I do at this point :) I've seen instant results:

1) skin tone has gotten much brighter,
2) my face does not bloat as much,
3) sebum production is much less,
4) skin texture has changed dramatically and
5) I feel less tired overall.

Your products are really miraculous! I regret that I didn't purchase the Marine Lotion and will be going to the spa this weekend to purchase one right away. I've stopped using all other products.

I've never felt this way before. I feel like I have more control of my body. I've followed exactly as you've told me to. I had the lemon drink yesterday morning, with the acidophilus, and mixed drink (protein, green drink, flax seed etc). I drank the lemon water throughout the day. I also had the Perfect Balance tea, which by the way just relaxes you with the smell of it. For lunch, I had the Antioxidant salad with lemon sherry vinaigrette, and had fish for dinner. I couldn't get salmon or white fish yesterday so had to settle for mackerel. I'm also taking the evening primrose oil capsules again.

I tried the pumpkin enzyme peel yesterday and the day before and today I woke up with my skin glowing. Today is two days before that time of the month for me and usually I can barely get out of bed, my skin would be blotchy, red, and of course broken out around the chin but none of these symptoms have appeared.

This weekend I am going to try the pineapple peel and also try cooking the herb roasted chicken.

Your ways are revolutionary!!!


Hi Susan,

I want to thank you for that incredible facial you gave me on Saturday. My mother commented on how beautiful my skin looked, and I am still getting compliments on my skin this morning when I came into work. I hope my products come soon. I want to continue looking as good as I do now.

The White Bean Dip was perfect for the Hollywood Bowl. And I'm glad you told me to put in extra garlic. I am looking forward to my next facial!


Hi Susan,

I just wanted to let you know that last night I did my first treatment. WOW I have to say I am quite impressed. I followed the instruction and did each step as instructed. My face felt totally revived from the very first step. I enjoy the coolness of the products. I enjoyed the softness of my skin afterwards. My skin felt totally hydrated and really plumped up. I also did the morning regimen today and it worked wonders also. It seemed that my make-up applied smoother also. When I got to work, right away I had a couple of comments about how my make-up looked. I was asked if I changed my make-up. My reply was no, it is the same as always, I just have tried a new line of skin care products which we are going to be carrying in a few weeks. They were impressed also and can't wait. So, hats off to you and your wonderful products. Looking forward to your visit And again, thank you so much for allowing me to try your wonderful products.

Hi Susan,

I just wanted to send you a little note telling you how much I am loving the products. I seriously couldn't imagine waking up and not using them now. They are so addicting, and I love them. They are so luxurious and smell wonderful.

Talk to you soon!

Dearest Susan,

What a pleasure it was to meet with you. I was so impressed with how down to earth you are and how nurtured I felt ...like I made an instant friend. My skin only continued to improve throughout the weekend. I am doing great with the new products and can really see smoother, more hydrated results. I even think my hyperpigmentation seems to be less noticeable. For the first time in a long time I feel like there is hope for a clearer face. I can't thank you enough. Please have a wonderful honeymoon Susan. You deserve it. My best wishes again and I'll be in touch when you return and have a chance to catch up. In your debt.....



Thank you so much for healing my skin from the inside out.  You are truly one of a kind and excellent at what you do in so many ways. I felt so comfortable with you and 100% confident that would send me on the right path. I have been to so many people regarding my skin and I have tried every product. Within 24 hours of seeing you my pores are diminished, my skin is so clear and clean. I am so grateful and so very happy, I hung on to your every word. I was so impressed with you.  I love all the products you recommended.

Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you in 2 months.



Dear Susan,

I read your book and have been following the 7-day plan. I think it is brilliant! I love the recipes you have in the book and I can't wait to try them all. In 5 days I had better skin and I have lost weight! I am never hungry and I feel super healthy. Thank you!

Best regards,

Miracles do happen

Early in 1996 I began to notice some smooth pink patches on my side, which soon began to spread over the trunk of my body. I was diagnosed with ringworm by my doctor, who then prescribed a fungicidal cream, but this seemed to make the patches spread even more.

He referred me to a dermatologist who performed a biopsy and some blood tests. The results all confirmed the same diagnosis. I had Progressive Septemic Sclerosis or Sclero Derma. This very rare auto-immune disease that attacks the tissue of the body by producing so much collagen, the affected part becomes too rigid to function. When it occurs in any of the internal organs, which can happen at any time, the prognosis is death within a few months. The medical textbooks note there is little or no treatment and no cure.

The next step for me was a visit with a Rheumatologist since they treat auto-immune diseases. When I called the office to schedule an appointment, the receptionist said I shouldn't be calling a dermatologist, so any hope I had plummeted. This doctor could offer me no hope or help. I was told to come back in 6 weeks to see how it was progressing.

Devastated and despaired I cried and prayed a lot. I feared the horrible death this disease could bring more than death itself. After several days of feeling doomed I decided to do something about this totally unacceptable situation. I believed in herbal and alternative healing and was ready to try this approach, but did not know where to begin. All the herbal books did not even mention Sclero Derma. I prayed for help.

A few days later I received a phone call from my daughter and her friend Susan Ciminelli. Susan was very concerned about my condition. I was shocked to learn she not only knew what Sclero Derma was, but also exactly what to do for it. I had used some of Susan's products but was not aware she possessed this other area of expertise. I became elated and my hope soared.

Susan began giving me instructions using a holistic approach. First I had to examine my emotions to learn why my body was attacking itself. I had to keep a journal and write down anything I could. This was my most difficult task. She advised me of ways to enhance my spiritual well being. I also had to eliminate certain foods from my diet, add others and learn proper food combinations. She advised me to bathe in her Algae Fine Powder and Calming Bath for long periods of time and use her Revitalizing Cream on the itching-burning areas of the skin.

The first thing I did was promise myself I would be healed by my birthday, three and a half months away. Then I started the regimen and followed it religiously.

Only a few weeks after starting this program, I returned to the Rheumatologist for the six-week follow up exam. He noticed an improvement. I told him briefly what I was doing and his reply was to keep on with whatever I was doing. He then scheduled me to return in six months.

I was completely healed by my birthday, cancelled my appointment and have remained healthy for over two years now. I believe to this day Susan Ciminelli was God's answer to my prayer - the miracle I needed.

- Sharie Bauer